Friday Link Love

I love the utter randomness of the web, so to celebrate that … a touch of the random.

I have had my eye on a pouf for quite some time now.  Poufs serve no practical function.  Anyone with legs over a foot and a half long cannot sit and eventually opt to stand up from said pouf.  My husband doesn’t get it.  But still, the pouf was in my head, and thus the pouf had to be mine.  Then Lily over at Gold & Gray discovers the Target Pouf … a much more affordable pouf.  Many thanks to Target and Lily.  Also, thank you dear blog readers for allowing me to say ‘pouf’ eight times fast.

image a la Daily Candy

fōnuts is a newly opened bake shop that sells “faux donuts,” a.k.a., donuts that are baked, not fried.  They have traditional flavors, like glazed and cinnamon sugar, the world’s most awesome combination = peanut butter and jelly, and sheer yuckiness – a maple bacon donut (obviously, eternally sold out … weirdos).  The faux donuts are ostensibly delicious, cake-like, and probably not so healthy – the bacon sprinkles kind of killed that – but healthier than a REAL donut.  In theory, the idea is a good one, but if this is like that time in college my friends and I made brownies with applesauce instead of fat (the good stuff), I’m out.  Applesauce brownies, not really that good, no matter how many times you tell yourself that they are.

Bauble Love.  Thanks, Honestly WTF.

Another blissfully easy braided look from Lauren Conrad and The Beauty Department.  I can’t get enough!

Hope you all have a  ‘SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS’ weekend!  Check out these bright illustration prints from edubarba’s etsy shop. {found via sf girl by bay}. 

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  1. love this whole post today! The pouf is also on my “want” list! I also really want that sign from etsy!!

  2. Stephanie

    A Target pouf?? Hooray!!!

  3. Ohhh fonuts loook delicious! I just saw a fonut pan at Sur la Table and definitely want to try them out.

  4. When I was younger, my parents has this pouf, I never really understood it either, but I think they can look incredible paired with a coffee table and I used to perch on it and read magazines… I hope you get one!

  5. Loving the post! Really interesting, especially the hair style tips!


  6. lily

    Thanks for the mention !! I love my pouf from Target ! And love the side braid.


  7. I have been want a pouf myself.. unfortunately my Target never go the Calypso pouf (boo hoo). I had my eye on the gold one. I would take orange or blue, too.

  8. My husband doesn’t get poufs either! Baked donuts = best idea ever!

  9. I love the Beauty Department! I was skeptical at first, but they really do have some great tips.

  10. I love the hair tutorial. Something about braids makes it look so fresh and fabulous.

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