Friday Link Love

It.Is.So.Hot.Outside.  Typing takes energy.  Energy makes me sweat.  Here’s the condensed Friday Link Love, with a side of heat exhaustion.

Step one.  Keep hair off of neck, out of face, and away from tempting scissors. {Image a la Kelsey of The Balch Bunch.}


Step two.  Spend countless hours sitting in the air conditioning catching up on YouTube videos everyone has been talking about for the past three months and you are just now getting around to.  The key to step two:  indoor air conditioning. 

Step three.  DIY.  Make outdoor projects (like these hanging glass bottle vases) from the comfort of your living room.  Let your husband do the hanging. 

Step Four.  (Because there had to be something shopping related here …) Only purchase accessories that are fully cling-proof.  Also, make said purchases online (see Step two), or run from air conditioned car to air conditioned mall in record time.  My own light-weight accessories take a spin every Summer, while my scarves make puppy eyes at me from the closet.  Take a look at these incredible baubles from Sydney designer, Elke Kramer.  The perfect collection is entitled, ‘The Shake of Ophelia‘, and is inspired by the story of a beautiful young girl born into a life of luxury and privilege at the turn of the 19th century, whose sense of adventure leads her to exotic lands.  The nerd and fashionista inside are dancing in harmony over this one.  Bauble Love.

Step 5.  Drink.  Strawberry basil vodka cocktail, yes, please.


Doesn’t my weekend sound glamorous?

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  1. I love Sabra’s drink recipe!!! and that lady gaga video is cool – I hadn’t seen it yet either… the stuff she comes up with! happy Friday!!!

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