Friday Link Love

I’m sure everyone missed the last two Friday link fests fiercely, but I was on vacation, and full of pie, and therefore did the bare minimum.  Forgive me?

Speaking of pie, my new Maine obsession – raspberry pie.

Is it weird that I want the team at Confetti System to come into my home and decorate every room with fringe, pom poms, and metallic pinatas?  I have an obsession.

Also, is it strange that I am completely terrified of Sam Edelman’s collection of spike-covered-shoes?  I coveted, and then I ran.  Those shoes kicked my butt.  I tried on the Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps and Renzo booties at Bloomingdale’s recently – within seconds of wearing the spiked footwear I was putting holes in my ankles.  Shoes = 1, Lexi = 3 puncture wounds behind.  I am never one to shy away from pain in footwear; beauty is pain.  But 5-inch heels wielding spike bouquets – pass.  I’m afraid, I’m very afraid.

I plan on staying twelve forever.  Some women cut a few years off of their age at each birthday, but not me, I’m sticking with twelve.  Either my wishful thinking will stick or people will think I’m delusional.  At least their first thought won’t be – no way, she’s at least (fill-in-the-blank) … crazy is much better.  Oh right, glitter bracelets.  Fierce.  And age-appropriate.

Did I mention it’s almost my birthday?

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  1. Ashlyn

    those heels are quite scary — i dont think i could wear them! yikes!
    & my birthday is almost here too! mine is the 14th — when is yours?

    • September 1st! Happy almost birthday!

  2. OBSESSED with Confetti System!!! They can come and make-over my apartment in pinata chic anytime…

  3. Those shoes are so great, but unlike you, I do not want any pain

  4. I know everyone’s dying over those Sam Edelman shoes, but I think they’re scary too! They’re just not for me.

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