Crazy, Stupid, Love – The Clogs

Every once in a while I spy an item in a movie that I MUST HAVE.  I generally turn to The Possessionista, Celebrity Style Guide, or Star Style Inc. – but this time, I had no luck.  But I knew I seriously loved Julianne Moore’s clogs.

And then after an exhaustive Google search, there they were – nestled between two other stylish clogs in New York Times’ T Magazine.  I knew them instantly.

The ever-popular New York store, No.6 has long designed chunky clogs, boots and sandals.  “It’s so much fun to see everyone embracing something that we have been loving for years,” say No.6 founders Karin Bereson and Morgan Yakus of the clog’s current popularity. “It has also been really fun to take a classic and find a way to give it a modern twist.”

The New York-based designer, Karin Bereson of No. 6, began producing a line of clogs for her boutique in Little Italy, in the fall of 2006.  “I just felt it,” says Bereson, who was looking for an antidote to the generic and the mass produced. “There has been a movement back to simple, organic things.”

NY’s No. 6 nails the 70s style on the head, and with the recent fashionable advertisement for their signature open toe weave clog, worn by Julianne Moore in Crazy, Stupid, Love, the clogs are sure to take off.  (And land on my shoe rack.)

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  1. Clogs from the movie – good. Ryan Gosling’s abs – better.

  2. love your style… i have a pair of clogs i have no idea what to wear them with… they look like the ones on the right… would you post a few ideas??

  3. loving that clogs are back onto the scene!

  4. I spied an item that I need in that move too… Ryan Gosling. Peep toe clogs are also on my fall wish list! These are a great option.

  5. Violet

    Because of your search to this shoes i thank you because i wanted these shoes since I saw them in the movie, I made my order already, so thanks again for finding out who sells them!

  6. Rachel

    God bless you…I’ve been scouring the web for info on those clogs for days. Just placed my order.

    • I am so glad you found me! Those clogs are just perfect!

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  8. Linda

    OMG, I saw the movie this weekend and said I have to have those shoes. I thought it was going to be difficult to find them but then there you were with all the info. Thank you so much!! They are a must have!!

  9. Rachel

    Thank you so much for your blog! This is the most I ever spent on shoes ha! I loved them so much! I just kept going back to your blog for a month so finally I bought them! Thanks so much for finding them! I love you entry about being obsessed with wooden clogs me too!! I am now so excited I cannot wait to get them!

    Thanks Again!!

  10. LeeAnn

    What about her purple cardigan in the graduation scene? I can’t find any news on it

  11. Ellen

    I loved the purple cardigan, too! I also have been searching the Web and can’t find anything about it.
    Love the blog, by the way! 🙂

  12. Coco

    ALSO in love with the purple belted cardigan in the graduation scene as well – but no luck with my google searching.

  13. Ray

    Clogs are great. But I’m obsessed with the green dress Juliane wears in the office scene with Kevin Bacon and her kid! I need help finding this dress! I must have it!!

  14. Am also interested in that fantastic purple cardigan! Would love love love LOVE to have it. (I’m a redhead as well and love purple.)

    • Lexi

      hmm not sure about that one! So sorry!

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