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I Made You A Mixtape

{images a la pinterest}

Hand-holding was awkward, being dropped off at the movie theater for your date – more awkward, but when he made you a mix tape – that was love. Because I live a soundtracked life (more on that here), and because I am a product of the 80s, every Wednesday I’ll make you a mix tape. Who says chivalry is dead? You’re welcome.

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My birthday is a day away, and at this point, I’m already singing “Happy Birthday To Me” in my head (on repeat) and I’m envisioning my Birthday outfit as a period princess garb circa medieval times.  I may or may not be turning five.  Also, I’ve mentioned “birthday” on my blog at least ten times in the last week.  It’s my day – shut it.

Lights, Ellie Goulding

Circus, Britney Spears

Jazzy Belle, Outkast

Showtime, Nelly Furtado

Growing Pains, Ludacris

Seventeen Forever, Metro Station

Express, Burlesque

Amphetamine, Everclear

For You I Will, Teddy Geiger

Babylon Feeling, Everlast

15 Step, Radiohead

Say Ahh, Trey Songz

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Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is a mere days away, and I thought, what better way to start out my birthday week than with a giant list of drool-worthy items?  Also, friends, family, and secret admirers – feel free to take note.

{1. DV Dolce Vita Winslow Wedge Sandal; 2. ASOS Faux Fur Fox Coat; 3. CATBIRD Alphabet Rings; 4. Forever 21 Metallic Bow Hair Clip; 5. Heartbeats by Lady Gaga Headphones from Beats By Dr. Dre; 6. J.Crew Ice Cube Bracelet; 7. Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday; 8. American Apparel Large Leather Carry-All Pouch; 9. Current/Elliott The Stiletto Leopard Skinny Jeans; 10. Steven by Steve Madden Pembrook; 11. Tom Ford Rhonda Nude Sunglasses; 12. Losselliani Stacked Metal Mixed Rings}

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Friday Link Love

I love the utter randomness of the web, so to celebrate that … a touch of the random.

I have had my eye on a pouf for quite some time now.  Poufs serve no practical function.  Anyone with legs over a foot and a half long cannot sit and eventually opt to stand up from said pouf.  My husband doesn’t get it.  But still, the pouf was in my head, and thus the pouf had to be mine.  Then Lily over at Gold & Gray discovers the Target Pouf … a much more affordable pouf.  Many thanks to Target and Lily.  Also, thank you dear blog readers for allowing me to say ‘pouf’ eight times fast.

image a la Daily Candy

fōnuts is a newly opened bake shop that sells “faux donuts,” a.k.a., donuts that are baked, not fried.  They have traditional flavors, like glazed and cinnamon sugar, the world’s most awesome combination = peanut butter and jelly, and sheer yuckiness – a maple bacon donut (obviously, eternally sold out … weirdos).  The faux donuts are ostensibly delicious, cake-like, and probably not so healthy – the bacon sprinkles kind of killed that – but healthier than a REAL donut.  In theory, the idea is a good one, but if this is like that time in college my friends and I made brownies with applesauce instead of fat (the good stuff), I’m out.  Applesauce brownies, not really that good, no matter how many times you tell yourself that they are.

Bauble Love.  Thanks, Honestly WTF.

Another blissfully easy braided look from Lauren Conrad and The Beauty Department.  I can’t get enough!

Hope you all have a  ‘SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS’ weekend!  Check out these bright illustration prints from edubarba’s etsy shop. {found via sf girl by bay}. 

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The Pullover Sweater/Dress Combo

{image a la tumblr}

I have always loved the cozy vintage feel of the pullover sweater on top of a sweet dress.  I like sweaters, I like dresses, the two together – winning!  Plus pairing your summer dresses with sweaters is a great way to transition your favorite dresses into fall.

Then Free People featured a million (or maybe three) loose-weave sweaters over dresses and slips in a summer catalog, and I thought Free People stole my style, and then I thought, yeah … I stole Taylor Swift’s style.  But also, Free People has a way of making me feel like all of the vintage and super soft sweaters and dresses currently in my closet are wholly inadequate.  Genius sales, Free People.  Genius.

Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale, and Alexa Chung all look picture perfect and vintage chic in their sweater/dress combos.

{1. Free People Sahara Sweater; 2. Topshop Sequin Heart Sweatshirt; 3. 3.1 Philip Lim Raglan Sleeve Pullover; 4. Viktor & Rolf Lumberjack Pullover; 5. 3.1 Philip Lim Raglan Pullover; 6.  Elizabeth & James Dottie Crochet Pullover; 7. Vince Chunky Knit Pullover; 8. T By Alexander Wang Gauze Back V-Neck Pullover; 9. Topshop Antique Floral Slip; 10. Alice and Olivia Sammie Trapeze Dress; 11. Topshop Lace Babydoll Slip}

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This Season’s Clogs + How To Wear Them

Missoni Mules // Swedish Hasbeens Slip In Clog // Tory Burch Clog (Similar) // See by Chloe Studded Buckle Clog // French Connection Dakota Clog 

I obsessed over Julianne Moore’s clogs in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love, and now I’m hooked. I won’t be able to shake this until I’m clippity-clopping across my kitchen with wood-soled kicks.

Clogs have long been a trend in Europe – when I studied abroad, everyone wore clogs.  My mom, ever adhering to one of her favorite trends, has sworn by clogs for years.  I originally blamed the 70s and her love of gardening, but alas, Mom-knows-best, and she has a stylish point.  Clogs are comfy and casual, and come with a built-in heel.  Genius.

A Few Tips for Wearing Clogs:

  • Choose your heel preference.  Clogs are typically made with either a flat platform heel, a wedge, or the thick wood heel.  My personal fave – the thick heel – but beware, risk of looking like Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) in ‘Grease’.  The wedge is ever-easy and can be styled with outfits like any other wedge you would wear.  The flat heel is a risk, but can result in major fashion.  See, the Olsen twins.
  • Pair Your Bottoms.  I prefer clogs with jeans/pants – especially flares and boyfriend cuts and skinny jeans … and … and (I like jeans and clogs).  I have short legs and the combination of bare legs and chunky-bottomed shoe = not so cute.  If you have great legs, go for broke and wear shorts with your new wood-bottomed friends, but keep your top classy – a trendy knit sweater is A+.  Clogs also look great with maxi and mid-length skirts – very bohemian.
  • Choose a Look That Suits You.  If clogs with a floral design and a low heel speak to you, go with those.  If, on the other hand, the studded 5-inch-heeled black beauties have your name written all over them, don’t think twice.
  • Subtlety is Key.  If you’re wearing clogs, no need for fringed vest, feathers in your hair, and a poncho.  Keep the clog look classic and update the shoe with more modern wardrobe pieces.
  • Jeans (in all forms) and Clogs = winning combination.

{image a la who what wear}

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