Lucite Furnishings

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m kind of tacky.  There, I said it.  Now I can freely discuss lucite everything with no judgment.  (Yes, lucite heels are on my birthday list.  Tasteful lucite, duh.)

Which leads me to lucite furniture.  These are not your plastic rent-a-chair types; these are sleek “ghost” furnishings at several hundred dollars a piece.  Gulp.  But I LOVE.

{By the way, the big daddy of lucite furnishing:  The Kartell Ghost Collection – check it out!}

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  1. Jessica

    I’ve always fancied those Kartell ghost chairs – and desperately wait to find one on eBay for cheap.

  2. I love this furniture look! I like the chairs with the rustic wood wall… contemporary meets classic and woodsy! Fabulous!!!


  3. Tasteful to the max! I’d choose any of those for my own home.

  4. Rowan

    If Blair & Selena can have it, so can we.

  5. I agree with your love of lucite! but I don’t think any of these pieces are tacky in the least!

  6. I’m obsessed with that vanity/console table with the mix of lucite and wood. It’s gorgeous. I have knockoff Louis ghost chairs in my dining room right now and I’m actually already bored with their shape 🙁

  7. sharde

    i have to admit i love the way lucite furniture looks too! but my man would never let me go for it, its too modern in his eyes!

  8. Oh Gossip Girl…seeing S and B in that last photo reminds me of the two more month long wait.. hahaha about being tacky! But wow, I love these furniture, especially the lucite ones! They are soo pristine!


  9. colleen

    blair would have a fabulous lucite chair collection.

  10. natalie

    I think there is a time and a place for it. It can be gorgeous.

  11. Those are so not tacky in my book!!! I never thought of using it in such elegant, pretty ways! These are gorgeous pictures! I’m in love!

  12. I think lucite is fantastic … you’ll never hear me say it is tacky!!

  13. Ok, first I LOVE your blog!!! Love, love, love. Second, you have amazing taste. Great photo round up of lucite! I have a soft spot for the stuff too. Have a beautiful weekend! Thanks for your comment! xo Samantha

  14. Jelena

    Lovely interior pics, really summerish ones!:) I especially liked the floral chairs!
    Thank u so much for visiting my blog. U have a fantastic one, with excellent design, I really love it!! And now follow u on bloglovin!! Enjoy your weekend and drop by again whenever u want!! kisses

  15. Noelani

    Lucite is lovely. I have a whole board on lucite on pinterest. I have been a fan for years and think anyone who doesn’t love it is insane. I debated getting the ghost chairs for my new dining table but settled on some vintage. Husband was concerned he would break one of the lucite chairs (and if he mentioned it it meant he would probably try to do it!!). Someday, I will get some ghost chairs, someday!

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