Jelly Sandals

I am actually laughing out loud typing the name of this post out: ‘jelly sandals.’ Who’d have thunk after their debut in the 90s, that rubber footwear would be back in a big way a few short decades later?

At age 12, I had clear sparkly jelly sandals – I thought they were the bees knees. I wore them until the soles wore to the ground and I could slip my heel in and out without unfastening the strap. But that was mid 1995, when slap bracelets, t-shirt clips, and scrunchies were considered high style. So is there room in 2011 for the jelly sandal? According to big names like Burberry, Topshop, Valentino, and Missoni – absolutely. Are you taking the plunge?

{1. Topshop Hammock Jelly Sandals; 2. Missoni Jelly Flat Sandal; 3. Burberry Nova Check Jelly Sandal; 4. Kurt Geiger Mercury Jelly Sandal; 5. Valentino Rose Jelly Flip Slop}

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  1. El

    I loved wearing them when I was little! It’s funny but just yesterday as I was online shopping I was thinking of getting a pair of the jelly flats but I didn’t 😀


  2. Isabel

    Fierce find!! So tragic, but I might die if I don’t get the Burberry jelly sandals…. actually I WILL die if I don’t get them. And the Valentino ones. Haha

  3. OOH! I’m so excited for a comeback. I remember losing one of my sparkling ones as a kid and being devastated. We didn’t find it until we moved. I would totally go for one of the ones you’ve picked!

  4. I am so glad i stumbled upon your post! I hope the comeback will take place soon as i love the sandals 😀

  5. I loved my Jellies when I was a kid! Im afraid to try them now though, while I live in South Georgia… I am afraid that they would melt to my feet!! That being said, they are still adorable!


  6. Like every other 10 year old, I too had sparkle jellies which I LOVED (Limited Too, anyone?) but unless memory fails, those suckers made your feet sweat like a mother and heaven forbid you actually get them wet because then they would turn into slippery little death traps attached to your feet. I’m pretty sure I twisted an ankle at a water park while wearing my beloved jellies.

    That said, the teal Topshop jellies are super cute – I just wish they were leather! 😉

  7. So cute! Those teal ones don’t even look like jelly! Gotta find me some for the beach!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. Lindsay

    Not taking the plunge yet, but I do love those Missoni ones! Been looking at them since the summer started! Great post!

  9. soanthro

    Just saw some jellies at Urban Outfitters too and fell in love with them all over again!

  10. Rowan

    “Are you taking the plunge?” Already did that once. Down a flight of school bus stairs… awkward.

  11. Oh my gosh I love jelly sandals! I was obsessed with them my entire childhood. And I want them back! They’re so comfy too!

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