Friday Link Love

Next Friday I pack my bags and head for Maine.  I can’t wait.  It’s hot, buggy, and the ocean feels like a tub of lukewarm water, but I’ve packed my sundresses and I’m ready to go.  I LOVE Maine in the Summer; bugs be darned.  I promise pictures and plenty of fun facts later, but Maine is the crafting capital of my heart.  It’s actually really cool to be crafty up North (unlike Miami where you get seriously strange looks when you string bracelets at the courthouse.)  Oh, my point – I’m in a crafty mood!  And of course, Happy Friday!

Apartment Therapy has done it again.  And this DIY version comes all dressed in stripes!  Sold.  Plus – the project is super budget-friendly because vinyl floor tape, at $7.40 for a big roll of 2 inch tape and under $4 for the smaller sizes, is a whole lot cheaper than 6 buckets of paint!  {Fun Fact:  vinyl floor tape used is the same tape used to mark out foul lines on gym floors.}

I stumbled across Maycie’s blog {Maycie After Five}, and I’m hooked.  Why, you ask?  Because these DIY shorts are pure awesome.

A DIY Yarn Sign using yarn and hanger wire.  I’m imagining all of the places I can label in yarn lettering …

Another fabulous friendship bracelet … a la Honestly WTF.  {And this one is extra easy.}

And about that sundress, in preparation for my two week Indian Summer on the New England coast, I’ll definitely be on the hunt for a kaftan.  I’ll be searching thrift stores up north, but if you’re struggling to find that hippie-tastic Indian cotton kaftan dress nearby, Ebay seller, Thriftwares has a gorgeous collection of printed Indian cotton kaftans and jumpers!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thanks! I’m totally shocked! Whoa! exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point!

  2. soanthro

    Indian Summer= my favorite part about New England’s fall 🙂

  3. Jess

    Eeepp! I love your blog! It is so cute! And the DIY’s are incredible! Can’t wait to check them out!

  4. i love your blog ~ it’s so creative and cool! thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, it truly made my day! have a wonderful time in maine. i will definitely stop by again!!
    xo ~ kristina

  5. Elizabeth

    That floor is insane, I love it!!

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  6. those DIY shorts are absolutely amazing – i really have to check them out – and i will definitely be making that yarn sign i was thinking in yellow xx

  7. natalia

    yes maine in the summertime is lovely!
    a friend of mine will be up there in a week or so, actually.
    have a lovely time!
    it’s way too humid and gross here.
    and i am loving that wire-hanger-yarn idea.

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