Friday Link Love

I’m dubbing this Friday’s Link Love, “Things I Never Ever Needed To Know About.”  For a variety of reasons – poverty, an ever-expanding waistline, a husband I’d like to keep around…

I never ever needed to be privy to these evil delights.  Ever.

Shoes (wedges no less) that are Ridiculous, Over-the-top, and Completely out of my price range.  Clearly this is love.

30 Fabulous Hairstyles in 30 Days.  This is problematic because the Type A in me can’t just let things lie.  I will want to try all 30 hairstyles.  In 30 days.  Challenge accepted.  Like I need to add 12 more minutes to the already frenzied I-make-my-husband-late-every-morning phenom attempting fishtails, braided crowns, hairbows and topknots.

You can make a cupcake in the microwave.  Delicious, convenient, and in cupcake form.  That’s a bad thing.

The Free People July 2011 Catalog.  Why must you always show up at my door completely unwarranted and between pay checks?  And why oh why must you feature the $438 Luxury Jones Boots on nearly every page?  Not cool.

And lastly, these feather hair extensions have quickly moved to the top of my list.  What’s better than one hair extension?  A whole bunch.  Especially the kind that are attached to a clip.  Because sometimes, just sometimes, its not unbelievably prudent to argue a motion before a senior judge with a permanent feather hair extension attached to your head, the clip in kind are preferable.  Oh yeah, (the ugly truth) this perfect hair piece will set you back a cool $50.  Ouch.  Budget, Lexi.  Budget.

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  1. Stephanie

    Whoa, those shoes are crazy over the top – LOVE them!

  2. You always have the greatest links! LOVE the waterfall braid..that is soo pretty! Okay and cupcake in the microwave?! I am checking that out

  3. Rowan


  4. those hairstyles are so great! I love the waterfall braid! Must try it!

  5. those shoes!!!!!! need there be more said!?

    and the free people catalog; amazing as always

    XO Sahra

  6. Ashlyn

    hi doll. thanks for the comment on my blog!
    your blog is {super} adorable. i am now following you :] YAY!

    && i am in {awe} of those shoes. ahhh i want!

  7. eleanor

    hi lexi,
    thanks for your comment on my blog. i love yours.
    hope that you will follow mine?

  8. Maegan

    A little cupcake in the microwave? I’m all over that!

    I had a feather in my hair, loved it, just wish it lasted longer and didn’t get straggly. Time to get a knew one!

  9. enjoyed your post, gorgeous stylish and inspiring images. I absolutely like what you like. The crystal shoes are totally out of this world! And the catalogue is worth checking out. Thanks for dropping my blog.


  10. natalie

    I love how you can talk the arguing a motion and wearing a feather extension. I’m the same way… I’m going to take a semester off and just focus on school and I’ve already talked to my stylist about doing something crazy, because I can.

  11. Jenna Lee

    I love Free People! I wish I could just purchase everything!

    Thank you for the sweet blog visit! Have a wonderful week!

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