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Happy Long Weekend and happy 4th of July! Here’s to hoping we all start work on Tuesday relaxed, refreshed, and perfectly tanned … (famous last words – a.k.a. frenzied, chaotic, and paste white, come Tuesday.)

Summer holidays are not complete without cupcakes. Thus baking (from the box) are my big weekend plans. {American Flag Cupcakes How-to here.} I’ll also be performing an anti-rain dance because somehow, some way, it rains every single July 4th in Miami. And I will not stand for such nonsense on my day off. Anti-rain-dancing, it is.

With the move comes many many many trips to the home improvement store. Finally, to break up the monotony of Home Depot, the husband took me to Ace Hardware and lo and behold, there was a home decor section. This is heaven. Or at the very least, a pleasant surprise in the midst of spackle and gardening tools. And there they were – tie dyed linens. Pardon the fuzzy iphone pictures (I promise I’ll upgrade to a flash … someday.) Naturally, I talked myself out of buying the brightly colored napkins because in my mind I was adding them to the never-ending list of DIY (is that number 5,374 on the ‘to do’ list). Obviously I am regretting my decision.

This weekend’s easy-as-pie make-up trick involves nail polish and glitter. Swooning over the simple glitter dipped nails making their rounds in the blogosphere. I’m on the hunt for foil glitter stars – I’m festive like that. Pictures to come. {Meanwhile, image a la Topshop Blog – nails in Bees Knees (yellow), Marine Biologist (turqouise) and Worlds End (baby blue).}

Oh, you thought this Friday’s Link Love wouldn’t have a chevron pattern or a nifty DIY? Silly you. It has both! DIY Chevron Tiles = yes.

Oh Oh, I almost forgot. If you want to be all weird and healthy and stuff, you could go for red, white, and blue fruit instead of a delicious sugary cupcake. Or you could follow the cupcake with fruit and counteract the effects … or something like that.

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  1. I simply love your blog hahaha… the all weird and stuff comment about the fruit cracked me up! Happy Fourth girl!

  2. Too funny! YOU inspired my post today 🙂 I was working on it last night and then went to link to you this morning and saw the tiles. Have a great weekend!!!! xoxo

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