Decorating With Yellow

Summer has me dreaming in bright colors (this is big, as I generally stick to blacks, whites, and greys.)  Today I’m on to yellow, and think it’s high time I invested in a few yellow throw pillows.

{images a la pinterest}

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  1. Yellow is SUCH a fun color! I have a mustard colored couch…. not too bright, not too dull! I love it! It totally brightens up my living room!


  2. Collins

    i’m about to paint a piece of furniture yellow and can’t wait!

  3. Yellow is becoming one of my favorite colors. Scratch that, FAVORITE color. I am adoring those yellow curtains. How beautiful would it be to wake up to the sight of those in the mornings 😉


  4. colleen

    oh my gosh that bed frame is perfection!

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