Zebra Prints

Here’s a secret they don’t tell you on your big day – or maybe they do (but you’re too busy sipping champagne, hunting for your lacey panties, and having fifteen women fuss over you), marriage is compromise.  You may have dreamed of decorating your first home with pink walls, vintage dial phones, and zebra print rugs, but when living with a boy, the pink frosting is not exactly the icing on his dream pad.

I desperately want to introduce animal prints to my new home design.  Rationally, I know cheetah print is too much.  But I’m thinking a splash of zebra print is borderline.  And I can work with borderline.

Subtlety is the key to marital design.  A splash of feminine adds the touch you’re yearning for and the not-so-overblown he’s content with.  Hey, maybe he won’t notice?

1. National Geographic Table Lamp; 2. West Elm Zebra Pillow Covers; 3. Neiman Marcus Zebra-Striped Mini Lamp; 4. West Elm Zebra Cowhide Rug {Similar here and here}; 5. Oliver Ottoman in Faux Zebra {Similar here}

{1. Neiman Marcus Platinum Zebra Rug; 2. Neiman Marcus Zebra Outdoor Rug}

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  1. I want a zebra rug bad… my inlaws have one and it looks awesome!

  2. lara ramos

    ahh i can so relate! finding the sweet spot between masculine and feminine is so tricky – but i have been surprised at some of the design elements i’ve gotten away with 🙂 good luck with the zebra!

  3. ahhh LOVE zebra! I think it’s a great use of neutrals in a living room. I definitely would do zebra chairs with a black couch and tiffany blue walls in the future!

    XO Sahra

  4. Inpsiring, as always! I have been craving some animal print in my house (which I can do at this point because I am manless 🙂 and this seems like a great solution. Maybe I will start with a Lampshade…or throw pillows. Hhhmmm… I love the possibilities!


  5. Go for it! Animal prints look great on people and living rooms 🙂 xxx

  6. noelani

    Haha, you sound just like me! I started off slow by getting the West Elm zebra pillows (love them so much I am on my second set) and then went with a hall carpet to match. Sadly, it got too dirty too quickly to make it the long hall but I haven’t given up! I got some leopard towels for the bathroom instead!

  7. Andy

    Love love love the rugs!! I’ve been wanting one!!

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