The Two-Piece Suit

I wear actual suits once or twice a week (IF I have to go to court), the other days of the week I cheat. I generally wear a dress and flats to work.  A chic blazer is hanging in my office and pumps hide beneath my desk … presto/change-o = lawyer.

I should preface all this by saying I HATE wearing a suit.  My spanx (necessary) slide off my butt, the suit skirt rides up, and the square-shouldered jackets swallow me whole.  But low and behold, the two-piece suit is seemingly back in style.  As in, women want to wear suits … for fun.  Albeit weird, most of these two-pieces feature easy breezy fabrics (mostly linens and silks), shorts, and less structured jackets.  Still, I balk at the idea.  Thoughts?

{images a la Pippa On The Wall}

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  1. I keep a blazer and a drawer of work-appropriate pumps in my office too! I only wear suits if I have big meetings or events…otherwise, I’m all about comfort and dresses and flats are definitely the most comfy.

  2. paige

    i hate wearing suits, too. so stuffy…too much fabric!
    but these are lovely!

  3. These are cute looks! Especially the one of Brooklyn Decker! I hate suits too – I actually don’t own one. I wear a nice dress if I need to look “professional” but just can’t pull off the career woman in a suit look yet. Maybe I’ll change after law school! 🙂
    Star Hughes Living

    • It’ SO hard to change! I’ve been a lawyer for two years and I still can’t get used to it. I feel so UN-feminine!

  4. Natalia

    i gotta tell you i love the suits!
    i am really loving the menswear-as-womenswear look, too.

  5. these two pieces suits are paroxystically elegant. very inspiring.

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