Storing The Accessories

My necklaces sit unhappily in a Ziploc bag. Many of my rings are in my glasses case. My headbands and hair ties are everywhere. I would love to tell you that I’m an organization freak, that each box has a label, and each genre has a shelf, but the truth is, my bra and panties never match, my DIY projects are a jumble of beads, fabric, ribbon, and glue sticks, and in part, I dress dependent on laundry cycle. But I’m moving in a few weeks time and I am determined to organize my life (my kind of organization … a.k.a., something do-able). Which begs the question – how do you store your baubles?

Smart and Sassy with Sprinkles has an amazing tutorial on how to store and display all of your glamorous accessories. Geesh, she’s organized!

And take a peek at all of the glamorous displays, below.

{images a la Pinterest}

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  1. this is always a mystery to me, but I just got a ceramic plate to start putting my jewelry on. my roommate has a picture frame type thing where she hangs her necklaces too…

    but seriously, thanks for the inspiration! I’m giong to see if I can implant some of these ideas to my room!

    XO Sahra

    • I love the IDEA of stringing all of my jewels from a picture frame, but I know I’m just too disorganized for that. A dish (or giant popcorn bowl) is much more my speed!

      xox Lexi
      Glitter & Pearls

  2. Allison

    Aww, thanks for the shout out! Let me assure you, no other part of my life is that organized lol. My baubles are just my top priority 🙂 I also LOVE the teacup organization you showed. I think I’m going to clear a drawer in my dresser for that.

    And though I am probably the last person on the planet, I finally joined Pinterest yesterday (totally late I know) and am now following you. Like I need another addiction 🙂 Happy Thursday!

    • Well I am totally impressed! Your place looks pretty perfect to me! I pretty much like anything that incorporates tea cups.

      Yay – enjoy Pinterest! It is THE best addiction.

      xox Lexi
      Glitter & Pearls

  3. hi-d

    It’s so hard to find the space and something that will house all of my jewels…haha…okay, most of them are not “jewels” but I do love my accessories. I have a couple of jewelry boxes and then of course I have some other places that I stash my goods. It would be great to have an entire dresser drawer to fill up!

  4. wow she has great ideas! I love that yellow stand 🙂

  5. WOW!! I am totally inpired to get all my accesoires organized now. I always have good intentions..I even made a little necklace organizer, but they always end up tangled and in a little pile…no matter what! I think the one with the rake is my favorite!!

    XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

  6. the antique-ish wooden box and the turquoise frame are definitely the winners. i’m moving soon too, so i’m excited to see some interiors and organization posts

  7. Kristin

    Loooooove the uses of teacups for bauble storage!

  8. Tang

    Wow I love love love all these! I have my jewelry in boxes or in a pile. :/

  9. Natalia

    i love every single one of these ideas!
    my accessories sit in a jewelry box that’s become too small and has overflowed. so now everything is laid out all over my dresser. i need ideas!

  10. Cute ideas! I finally bought myself a jewelry rack/stand after years of having tangled necklaces and earrings missing their match. It’s kind of an organized mess though. 🙂

  11. danielle

    these are amazing! i should do something fun like this. time to do some work on my bedroom!

  12. Totally diggin’ your blog girlfriend and will become an addicted follower! xo

  13. gorgeous ideas to store aesthetically our jewelry 🙂

  14. I have an ikea tower piece and the top 3 drawers are jewelry organized by color! ALL silver, gold and pearls on one level, then blacks/faux silver, then color….

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