Motivation On The Refrigerator Door

Back when I was in college (when dinosaurs roamed the earth … or five-ish years ago), my roommate and I would prepare for our Spring Break starve-fest by posting pictures of ourselves at our worst (you know, the double chin, the love handles – blame it on an unfortunate camera angle and crappy college-girl self-esteem).  These hideous photos, along with ridiculously thin model-types (ripped straight from unrealistic magazine shoots), would crowd our refrigerator door, vying for our attention every time we reached for a Jell-O pudding snack.  I should also caution that “starve-fest” actually means the following:

  • Special K and Skim Milk for breakfast (because you always start your day with the utmost determination)
  • 7 mini caramel rice cakes
  • 4 glasses of Crystal Light (trying to convince yourself that you’re not starving by 1pm)
  • Lean Cuisine
  • 1 glass of Crystal Light (Lean Cuisine was NOT enough food)
  • 6 Jelly Beans
  • 2 Pretzel Rods
  • 2 More Pretzel Rods
  • 3 Slices of Pizza (with Jelly Beans on top)
  • Boxed Wine

Fast-Forward to present day … I know so many women who post these “motivational” pictures on their refrigerator door.  Last year, when I was preparing for the big day, so many brides suggested that I post the sample size photo of my wedding dress or a catalog “bride” in a wedding dress on my refrigerator door.  Like a picture was going to scare me out of EATING.  HAHA.  College was back in the prehistoric days.  Gummy Bears and pretzel rods no longer cut it.

So here’s a new take on the “Refrigerator Door Diet”- if you surround yourself with healthy, fresh foods or photos of them, you will become more conscious about your food choices and you’ll begin to crave what’s on the photos instead of giving into your old crab-hungry habits.  Pretty food > waif models.

(Kitchen Food Wall Inspiration borrowed from my friend, Diana, on Express-O; image a la Heidi Swanson via Design*Sponge.)

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  1. I definitely agree with your new philosophy!! I love this idea – and it’ll be inspiring every time I’m in the kitchen! Good thinking girl!
    Star Hughes Living

  2. I did the SAME THING! Except substitute Lean Cuisine with Smart Choice. This updated version is a great idea! I so need to jump on this bandwagon.

    • haha, putting pictures up is one thing … if only I could motivate myself to the gym!

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