I Made You A Mixtape

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Hand-holding was awkward, being dropped off at the movie theater for your date – more awkward, but when he made you a mix tape – that was love. Because I live a soundtracked life (more on that here), and because I am a product of the 80s, every Wednesday I’ll make you a mix tape. Who says chivalry is dead? You’re welcome.

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Current obsession – So You Think You Can Dance.  I love love love this show.  And get this – my husband loves it too!  I’m so blown away by the raw talent, but more than that – the music is fab!  A few of my top ‘dance at my desk’ picks from SYTYCD …

Heads Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Stupid (Mark Bell remix), Sarah McLachlan

15 Step, Radiohead

In For The Kill (Remix), original by La Roux

Heartless, The Fray

Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap

Let The Drummer Kick, Citizen Cope

Gravity, Sara Bareilles

Say, John Mayer

Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri

And a video, because this is too beautiful to miss …


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  1. lara ramos

    that sytycd dance was SO good. i’m totally hooked on this season already : )

    • Not sure how we convinced our boys to like reality tv – but thank goodness we did!

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for this delightful mix tape. The musix is always sensational on So You Think You Can Dance, but I always forget to write it down. You have captured some beauties!

    xo, Lisa.

  3. You have GOOOD taste!! And it is pretty eclectic..I am the same way with my music! Jar of Hearts is such a great song! Have you seen the music video? Pretty awesome.

  4. Ashlyn

    such an amazing video.
    i {love} so you think you can dance.

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