Friday Link Love

This Friday’s Link Love is all stripes and knots and outdoor love.  I must be feeling nautical.  I think it’s that the big move guarantees a little piece of heaven … three concrete steps into a canal.  I’m slightly freaked out by the prospective muck and accompanying animals, but the canal leads to a very nearby ocean and the thought of FINALLY living on water after 20-something years in Miami, has me giddy.  Does living on a canal justify a ‘beach house” theme?  Are bowls of sand and shells in the bathrooms too much?

First up is a bold striped DIY curtain set a la The Yellow Cape Cod.  Because I’m a cheater, I take on sewing projects sans sewing.  Glue works wonders.  And with inexpensive cream curtains, black twill fabric (cut into 14″ wide strips), fusible fabric webbing (fancy no-sew glue), black grosgrain ribbon, and an iron – these curtains work wonders for any room.  My new home DIY list is growing by the second.

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I have been wrinkling my nose for some time now at my lame-o Canon camera strap.  My plan (also on the ridiculous DIY list – seriously, it unrolls) is to tie thousands of fabric scraps in knots around the entire comes-with-camera-strap for a serious splash of color, but these striped canvas camera straps (in lime and orange) have me seriously reevaluating DIY #2,417.

I love textiles; I know this is a product of being my mother’s daughter.  My mom goes so far as to sew the tablecloth and napkins for corresponding holidays and special events.  I love real honest-to-goodness fabric napkins, place-mats, and so on.  The napkins in particular look so vintage and remind me of summering on Martha’s Vineyard … or something like that.  {Seersucker Placemats a la West Elm}

And as captain of this ship, a knotty belt a la BHLDN.

Oh, and shoes.  You know, because I need more boxes.

image a la The Alternative Wife

Happy weekend!!

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  1. Love love love the DIY camera strap! I’ve been looking at my own Canon strap and rolling my eyes. Time for a spruce!

    xo shannon

    • Totally agree – its definitely time for an update!

  2. Rowan

    I can’t rock the stripes…

  3. Adrienne

    I think it was the comment about needing more boxes (aka shoes) that hooked me. This is my first time visiting your awesomeness and definitely won’t be the last. I think we have different taste in some things, but I see the beauty in yours and I like your wittiness and love of aesthetics.
    Yay! Something new and fun to read every day! (The only other blog I read on a regular basis is

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