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I love the movie, ‘Finding Nemo,’ for many reasons, among them, Dori (played by Ellen DeGeneres,) is my knight in scaley armor.  And this week I needed the motivation.  You see, I’ve had a few “health hurdles” these past few months.  I’m not really ready to talk about them on the big wide web, not sure I’ll ever be, but for now, I’m happy to report that this week is OVAH and so far, so good.  So my advice to you all, no matter how tough stuff gets, “just keep swimming,” and dip a fistful of pretzels in peanut butter … best snack ever (amongst 50 other snacks I’ve dubbed with that title over the years.)


And now on to my big weekend plans …

Happy thoughts.  Let’s start with SHOES.  I’m always mad at people for introducing me to flash sale sites.  Those first purchases on Ruelala, Swirl, Gilt, etc. had me cursing my fashionable friends to the heavens.  Like I needed another excuse to shop.  Well now you can hate me.  {Better yet, blame The City Sage; she started it.}  Okay it’s my fault.  Throw things at my blog – just don’t hurt your laptop, or your shoes.  Meet Shoe Thief, a hot new shoe sale website that sells incredible designer footwear at ‘pinch me’ prices.  I’m so sorry.  And now for a lesson in shopping justification.  I am moving, therefore I need boxes.  Shoe shopping = necessity.  Okay, your turn …

I love the dreamy quality of these pictures … how they look like double-exposure on film, but in fact, are paintings.  Doesn’t that just make you love them all the more?  These pieces by artist Pakayla Biehn have me swooning more than normal.  Not good when my budget for the new home artwork only covers the cost of canvas, duct tape, and sponges.  Oh you didn’t know, I’m an artist – the kind that peaked in kindergarten … but boy oh boy can I sponge paint.

I really wish I could keep a goldfish alive.  Maybe I could grow seaweed in the new house. {A whale of a time! By Alessan­dra Baldereschi (Found via Urban Taster)}

Also, I’ve bookmarked Glamour’s 21 Summer Polish Ideas.  I want to try each and every one, but I’m uber smitten (new phrase?) with Vanessa Hudgen’s extraterrestrial talons.  Even her baubles match the jewel tone polish.  Fierce.  For shades like V’s, try Orly Nail Lacquer in Wandering Vine, $7, and Galaxy Girl, $10.  The sad truth of this coverage, is that I will in fact paint my nails to pack.  I’m that girl who puts on lip-gloss to answer the front door and in the hospital I wore mascara.  Don’t judge.

Aaand, just in case we weren’t having fun yet … there’s more packing to do.  Lucky for me, there’s a big a$$ bucket of Jiff and a bag of sourdough sticks with my name on them.  And if you want to be all fancy and stuff, how sweet is this recipe a la Stephanie’s Kitchen?  She probably makes her own peanut butter and everything.  But if I were to throw good old effort into the mix, chocolate-dipped peanut butter pretzel bites = a yes.

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  1. Tang

    Sending good thoughts your way! Thanks for the sweet comment! 🙂 And Dory yes! 🙂

  2. Noelani

    My husband will not be happy with the addition of a sale site devoted to shoes in my emails…..he knows shoes are my utter weakness!

  3. Jordan

    Love the tights in the white shoes.

  4. Liv

    Where can I find the shoes with the kitten heads on them 🙂 They’re sooo super cute and I promise I’m no crazy cat lady.

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