Friday Link Love

Ahoy, weekend!  My Saturday/Sunday agenda?  Packing my life into boxes.  Motivation fading halfway through.  Remainder of my life’s belongings shoved into Hefty garbage bags.  Packing success.

This Friday, I thought I would start you off with an easy peasy DIY.  Sometimes DIY’s look pretty on the computer screen but quickly spiral into a sword-in-the-stone-type-scenario and I’m no Arthur.  (Worst.Metaphor.Ever.)  At any given time there are the remnants of three DIY projects I’ve started and stopped strewn across my dining room table.  When I refuse to have guests over, that includes the Fedex guy in the doorway (‘don’t look at me,’ Mean Girls – watch it), the DIY aspirations have gotten out of control.  The bulk of the DIY strategy with this nifty project from Honestly WTF involves shopping.  75% purchase power, 25% paint by numbers.  Color Block Moccasins = Do-able.

I will forever love music mash-ups.  I was probably meant to be a DJ in another life; or an artist, or a ballerina, or a firefighter, or Darkwing Duck (in no particular order.)

I want Grace’s wrist … or at least everything ON her wrist.  Bracelets a la Bauble Bar.  By the way, when you join Bauble Bar, you get a free bracelet just for playing, and as you earn credits, you’ve got it = more free baubles.  Score.  Once I have a permanent address, sign me up!

In between bubble-wrapping my Fiesta Ware, I plan to transform myself into Brigitte Bardot (in sweatpants.)  I love this student’s make-up how to {via Refinery 29} on achieving the sultry look:  “There’s definitely a Bardot influence here as well. I love creating a subtle cat eye with liquid liner along the upper lash line, and I like to use a white eye pencil along the bottom rim to make me look more awake and tie-in a little ’60s influence. I also add a little lip gloss to the inner corners of my eyes (Revlon’s Super Lustrous lip gloss in Shine City is the best for this—a little glittery!). It works wonders when you look a little sleepy. I curl my lashes and put on a few layers of mascara (Chanel’s Inimitable Intense is my favorite these days), and moisturize with some lip balm over some Benetint and I’m good to go.”


And finally, I am so excited I could bust:  VH1 has announced that the music network will be resurrecting ‘Pop Up Video.’  I LOVED ‘Pop Up Video’ (not that that totally dates me or anything.)  The new series will debut in the fall, nearly a decade after the original version went off the air.  Happy happy joy joy.  (90’s ‘Ren and Stimpy’ reference, anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Okay, I’ll stop.)

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    • I promise to update the minute I know more info! Now all I need is a “Clarissa Explains It All” comeback and my life will be complete.

  1. Kudos on managing to mention Darkwing Duck, Ren & Stimpy and Pop Up Video in one post!! I am giving you my best Arsenio Hall fist pump in honor! (I also threw on a scrunchy and rad tshirt tie for good measure.)

    • You still have your scrunchies? Awesome!

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