Clothes Hanger Art

In perusing my Pinterest, a daily routine, I have noticed a trend.  I ‘pin’ every image of delicate clothes on hangers.  Apparently, I like clothes hangers.  Am I the only weirdo with this obsession?  You know you like clothes just a little too much, when you would rather have framed pictures of Oscar de la Renta gowns, than a collector’s Monet.

A big goal of mine is to update my hanger stock-pile. I have used plastic hangers since my Freshman year of college and I’m thinking its time for grown-up hangers. If i truly had my druthers (and ample free time), I would bedazzle every single hanger (a la Free People’s past campaign) like a true hanger aficionado.

By the way, Free People has a great tutorial on how to create your own sequin-dipped hangers.

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  1. The hanger pictures are absolutely beautiful and inspirational. Personally, I only use white plastic hangers…. for everything. I love the sequin hanger idea though, that is Fabulous!!


    • I think I have 400 white plastic hangers! I really need to upgrade … but I’m cheap (poor).

  2. soanthro

    I’ve noticed a lot of photos on Tumblr showcasing this trend as well! Thank you so much for posting the Free People tutorial– going to get on that project asap, how cute!!

  3. what a great idea! I want to get a clothes rack and have these hangers with my favorite pieces just out in a room. you show the best ideas for decor!

  4. I love Free People. I’m totally trying the sequins hanger. I love it! -xxoo

  5. i think i might just have to bedazzle a few hangers myself.. they’re TO DIE FOR.

    infinite x’s and o’s,

  6. I’ve been meaning to do a complete overhaul of my closet and investing in some fancy hangers, although I’m leaning towards those felt ones that keep your clothes from sliding.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love browsing Pintrest too. I always enjoy photos of beautiful clothes on hangers or any other fashion that is beautifully displayed. Love that ruffled dress. =)

  8. Right?! Why do hangars have to be so boring. Glitter it up to add life to that closest. I love the innovation! =)

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