Accessories On The Cheap

I have an utter inability to spend money on accessories. My cheapness began some years ago when my mom, sister, and I discovered the Miami Mart. ‘The Mart’ (a fashion mecca in South Florida) used to be an exclusive market attached to a major Miami Airport hotel that sold product exclusively to shop owners. You had to show proof of store ownership and everything … they meant business. And then, like magic, ‘The Mart’ opened it’s doors to the rest of us. And then we couldn’t walk out of The Mart without emptying our wallets.

While The Mart remains close to my heart, I like to diversify … it’s good for the economy. Thus my affinity for stores like Forever 21. Sometimes the clothes from F21 fall apart after three washes, and sometimes the heels rub in all of the wrong places, but the jewelry at Forever 21 is solid (inexpensive) gold.

This is love …

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  1. I am SUCH an Accessories addict! Next time I am in Boyton Beach (My BFF lives there!) I will MAKE her take me to the Miami Mart! For now, I will head to Forever 21 to get my fix 🙂 This weekend it will be Charming Charlies!!!


  2. I love accessories too. Last time at Nordstrom, the salesgal was picking out necklaces for me & I loved them all. She ended up saying she was stopping so I didn’t overload on them. It was too funny. Love the affordable F21 pieces too!

  3. natalie

    I am just like you! I grab accessories on the cheap everywhere. I was wearing a pair of earrings the other day and realized that I was about 90 percent sure that they came from the dollar store in 7th grade!

  4. F 21 is really stepping up their game!!!

  5. I agree 1000 percent! So many good cheap accessories, except sometimes I like to splurge on sunglasses 😉

  6. Em

    I love the triple finger ring. That looks tough. So does that spiked bracelet! And the feather necklace is just gorgeous.


  7. noelani

    Oh no- you are giving away my accessory go to for cheap and hot trinkets!! F21 makes such good jewels for so such a little dent in the wallet, I rarely shop anywhere else!

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