Tough Girl Mentality

Why is it women need the power suit to feel more power-ful?

And why does it take high heels to feel present and in control?

I swear to you, it’s true.  The higher my heels, the more of a badass I can pretend to be at work.  I wouldn’t walk through the courthouse doors without my big girl heels on.  I know part of it is a height thing.

I’m a lawyer – the kind that goes to court, and I’m a woman, which makes me a minority.  Men look so dapper in suits; so put together.  I’m busy yanking up my panty house, pulling my skirt down (which is inching it’s way up, trying desperately to make a break for my hips) and doing the hip wiggle (you know the one), my shoulder pads are halfway down my back, I’m balancing laptop, files, and my heavier-than-usual (if that’s possible) purse, and then there are the heels – there’s little room for composure.  So I play NERD’s “Outlaw” in my head on repeat, click my heels together, and chew gum like I have explosives in my blouse.

And if you walk with the tough girl swagger, you’re viewed as a beyatch* (that’s French for uptight priss).  Where’s the justice?  I object.  But I won’t leave home without my heels.

{image a la high heels and hangovers}



  1. noelani

    Guys have it so easy with suits! Change up the shirt and tie, and it looks like a whole new day. I couldn’t agree more about the heels inducing a bad ass take no prisoners effect. Shame they don’t have the same punch in my office, which borrrrriiiiinnnnnnngggggg.

  2. love me some heels… love them!

  3. Becks

    I LOVE it! Great post. I’m pretty sure I’ve perfected the hip wiggle…but your first mistake is the pantyhose, my dear. Come on down to the South, where it’s so hot, pantyhose are blasphemous.

    For the record, “Outlaw” stays in heavy rotation in my head. You could get this lap dance for free!


  4. I used to wear suits to a previous office job and hose. No fun at all! I felt stiff and uncomfortable ALL DAY LONG! How is a girl supposed to concentrate in THAT?!?!!?

    Why must we dress like a man to gain the respect of men? Why must we look tough in order to be taken seriously? I now manage a Physical Therapy clinic and can dress however I choose (within business casual that is). I wear heels every day and I love it! I work harder when I feel good 🙂

    • Ahh, I am SO jealous! And I couldn’t agree – suits are for boys. We play dress-up to be included. Lame.

  5. LOVE this post! I agree, high heels do make you feel badass and its OK! you go in there and kill it in those heels! You should post pics of you kicking ass in your work wear

    • I feel like my husband would just laugh uncontrollably through the entire photo shoot. I need my own personal photographer!

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  7. My boss once told me that I have the potential to be a “power bitch.” Still not 100% sure, but I choose to think it was meant as a compliment…

    (And since I have the luxury of wearing jeans to work on a daily basis, I’ve found leather boots with a bit of a heel to be my power shoe of choice.)

  8. Natalie

    Could not be more true!

    I feel powerful in heels and whenever I wear flats I feel like I am playing dress up or “pretend work” or something. Heels make me feel in command.

    • haha – that’s too funny. My flats are totally my little girl shoes!

  9. Oh my gosh, LOVE this post. It is so true! I definitely feel more confident in my heels… but I’d probably feel more powerful and in control if I could actually walk in them. Minor detail right?? 😉

    • Half the badass-ness is the ability to stand in those things! That tales talent. Guys would cry if they had to walk around in 5 inch heels.

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