Musical Interlude

Any video that features typewriters and reams of paper scores points in my book (I’m full of puns today).  Be still my heart.


And because I’m in the mood…

Girls who play piano are awesome.  Not that I play piano.  But I’m still awesome.  {Side note:  Did you all have any idea that Vanessa Carlton could dance like that?  So incredible!}


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  1. MelRod

    Amazing!! Totally agree. Girls who know how to play instruments are amazing!!! It’s so awesome!!


  2. I have always been a fan of Vanessa Carlton and never knew that she could dance like that either! I wish she was out in the media a bit more because I think she deserves it!

  3. Khai

    Lexi, maybe they used a stunt double for the video. Like in Black Swan. Everybody thought Natalie Portman was the one dancing but it was in fact a double 🙂

  4. Maya

    I heart Regina Spektor

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