Ladder Décor

This is a definite DO.  Search garage and yard sales for old wood ladders, and either lean up against a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room wall and drape towels or blankets on each rung, or use brackets to hang the ladder up on the wall as a unique point of interest.  Of course, I am also obsessing over the idea of a ladder as storage (the Type A in me loooves efficiency in design); try mounting a ladder from your ceiling to hang pots and pans, or creating a ladder-shelving piece.

If you have no luck hunting down a vintage-y ladder, buy the cheapest wood ladder you can find from a home improvement store, grab a can of white wash paint and a piece of sand paper and strip down the ladder yourself {details and directions here}.  Who doesn’t love a good DIY?

{images a la pinterest}



  1. Wow, sooooooooo many cool ideas for ways to use ladders – I definitely wouldn’t have thought of all of those. Love it! And thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

  2. I totally love these ladder decorating ideas!

    • I totally agree – definitely my favorite use!

  3. love the ladder look! I have a black one that has shelves from West Elm that I love!

  4. Oohh I love these ideas! My favorite is in the ladder in the bedroom to hang clothes and blankets on – such a great idea. I love the distressed white ladders!

    • Nurse K

      Me too! Now to go get the ladder. The only ones I come across in Singapore are the metal ones in hardware stores. haha…

  5. LOVE ladders for decor! However, I’m thinking my cats would love them as well. And really, no good can come from that.

  6. Love the Ladder Look!! I wonder if I culd find one at an antique shop and fill it with books and trinkets! Fabulous Idea!!


  7. Lovely ideas for home and simple too! Great post …

    Have a lovely week! =(^.^)=

  8. Nurse K

    Lexi! Thanks for the great idea ;D

  9. Pictures like these make me sad and remind me that my house isn’t really as cute as I thought it was haha. At least they serve as inspiration pieces. Lovely!

    • Every design picture puts my space to shame. But hey, if you even take away one small piece of inspiration, you can pretend to have some design flare!

  10. What a great post, you have lots of those but this one is my favorite…you have a great blog, with beautiful inspiration! Keep up the good work, love it!


  11. Maud

    Hey, I totally love these ladders but there are so hard to find. Do you have any eshop that sell them?
    Thank you!

    • Lexi

      So sorry – unfortunately I don’t. I would just keep scouring garage sales, flea markets, etc. Best of luck!

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