Friday Link Love

This Friday’s Link Love is all wishful thinking.  Read on for a fascinating insight into the things I’d love to do (but likely won’t get around to), and the things I MUST do (because my apartment complex does not sit kindly with squatters).

I want to throw a dinner party simply because I am so inspired by Aunt Peaches and her fierce crafter’s dream blog.  Using rubber cement, dollar store stencils, and sponge painting (you know you wanna), Aunt Peaches makes dinner parties look as easy as 1,2,3.  Too bad you have to put food on those pretty plates (I would likely be exhausted after painting 12 place-card luminaries and setting that picture perfect table … repeat after me:  TAKEOUT).  Oh wait, we’re moving in a few weeks.  Sorry guys, maybe next time.  Darn.  (Dead pan sarcasm doesn’t translate well in the written word, now does it?)

And for the dinner party that isn’t (seriously, don’t show up this weekend looking for chicken … you know who you are), paint-dipped silverware with a handy-dandy tutorial and all.  So theoretically, you could spray paint sets of second hand flatware, rubber cement and paint a dozen or more luminaries, make all of the requisite phone calls, set a lovely table, pour the perfect wine, throw together a five-course meal; orrrr you could watch Gilmore Girls re-runs and order a pizza (with spinach – because that makes it classy AND healthy) … your call.

Mike and I are in the “collecting boxes” stage of our move.  That’s the point where you and your roommate/significant other/poor schlub who got suckered into helping you with the move in exchange for your affection (or two text messages), gather storage for the impending move.  So we continue to collect boxes.  G-d forbid we had saved the boxes from our last fifteen moves.  But we didn’t.  So we collect.  That’s not to say that we FILL the boxes, but the collection of boxes is like positive reinforcement for the lazy; ‘you go girl; you collected three boxes; you’re a packing all star” and the like.  Maybe next week, I’ll throw out the superfluous stuff – like gum wrappers and stale baked Cheetos.  Okay but seriously, maybe I can fill two boxes [and subsequently realize I spent three hours packing two boxes and hardly emptied one bathroom cabinet] (Dangit.)  Why do those stupid moving commercials make it all look so effortless?  Maybe if I stored all of my things into a POD and then LIVED IN THE POD, moving would be simple.  But I’m not bubble boy (I have too many pairs of shoes to share a bubble with my closet), and packing (and unpacking) stinks.

And I clearly haven’t moved yet, but I’m already decorating (and imaginary-party-planning).  These are clearly not superfluous. {Framed Objects via thinking of the; found at Creatively Christy}


I’m The King Of Wishful thinking.  Who doesn’t love this nugget of early 90s awesomeness, straight from the best movie ever (look it up if you don’t believe me), Pretty Woman.

And Don’t Forget About G&P’s First GIVEAWAY: the individual feather earring; ENDS TODAY Friday, May 20th at 11:59p.m.



  1. Sherry

    Great pictures! Lol, the overloaded car make me laugh – I think I’ve seen a few like that around town!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog – I appreciate it so much! 🙂

  2. lovely pictures!!Thank you for visiting our blog and for your lovely comment:)

  3. Martini

    Lexi–I love the dipped spoons. That is one idea that I’m going to have to try out.

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