Friday Link Love

This Friday’s Link Love is chock full of DIY, crafting, and baking.  But I won’t be holly homemaking this weekend … the hubby and I are off to Philadelphia for his baby sister’s graduation.  Wharton, to be exact.  She’s a smarty.  I had all of these fantastic cold-weather clothes all laid out for the trip, and then informs me that I am ridiculous and in fact, May signifies Spring and heat in Philadelphia.  (Those lunatics actually told me I was ridiculous … in so many words.)  Well forget you,  I’m a Miami native, and 68 degrees equals winter in these parts.  Faux fur-lined hooded peacoat; yes ma’am.  And now without further ado (or babble), your weekly eye candy …

I have the urge to sew arm patches onto all of my blazers and cardigans.  Sherlock Holmes chic?  Too much?

Homemade Pop-Tarts.  This is amazing and I would probably eat them all – therefore I won’t make them … ever.

You know that moment when your finger rests mid-air, just above the mouse pad, and you keep trying to talk yourself out of an online purchase?  I have been having one of those moments all week.  Can you get tennis finger?  I’m going to file these perfect BCBGirls platform sandals under the ‘want, but don’t need’ category … for now.  {BCBGirls Soft Gold Retro Sandals, $109.99; modeled by Reserverade Fashion}

I desperately need to learn how to sew in a zipper.  Zippers are to beginning sewers like the rubik’s cube is  to … well, everyone.  Okay, that was probably not the best example.  Because zippers aren’t technically that difficult to master (and that darned multi-colored box is).  Zippers just appear that way so only elite sewers can say they are members of the zipper nation.  Yeah, I’m babbling.  DIY projects involving zippers cause me sleepless nights.  Zippered pouch instructions for dummies here and here.

And if you can’t make the crafts, decorate a craft room.  Finally found the perfect Chevron rug for my future craft room, that doesn’t break the bank.  Meet the 5′ x 7′ Urban Outfitters version for $69 (it’s pricier competitors:  Madeline Weinrib 8′X10′, $1200; Rugs USA Milliken 5’4″ x 7’8″, $165; Calypso Home 6′ x 9′, $650.)


I’m one of Lil’ P-Nut’s girlfriends. {Thanks, Tara.}

And I’m on the hunt for a perfect vintage locket.  In fact, I have been searching for a locket soul mate for years now, to minimal avail (i.e., never quite what I was looking for.)  If any one spots my gold counterpart, please advise. {image a la Beaux Mondes; necklace by Dear Faithful}

And Don’t Forget About G&P’s First GIVEAWAY: the individual feather earring; ends Friday, May 20th at 11:59p.m.



  1. I SO want to try the homemade PopTarts from C&C!!! Although, mine might turn out a little funny (my baking tends to do that!!) Have fun this weekend!!


  2. Ohhh man. I’ve been dying to buy a chevron rug for ages – I so wish they sold it in 8’x10′!! Might have to get this one for our study to tide me over until I can get a large one for the living room…

    • Oh my gosh – if you find an inexpensive 8×10 version, pleeease let me know!

  3. My gosh, your blog is one of the cutest I have ever seen! This comment box alone is too cute!!! I love everything about your site!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment! I will definitely be following yours 🙂 I can tell it is totally my style!

    P.S. I love your little bio box – it is inspiring knowing that you can still keep up a ridiculously cute blog (and very cute fashion!) while working as a lawyer. I’m starting law school in August – I might be sewing some arm patches onto all my blazers and cardigans to complete the look! 🙂

    • Thank you! Thank you! I had all of these crazy ideas in my head about what I wanted (namely a chalboard with scraps of fabric, etc.), and Tabitha made it a reality!

      And good luck with law school. Don’t be shy – ask me questions – pick my brain! xox

  4. Lindasy

    Such great link love! I especially love the diy yellow clutch! I love when there are “COOL” diys and not the same ole boring MOMish ones haha!

    Delighted Momma

    • I totally agree! Too mom-ish and it looks straight from a craft fair.

  5. Cecilia

    I’m in on the zipper. I totally get you! No babbling to me…I can sew paperbag skirts and shift dresses and pillowcases all without a zipper. not because I think that’s cool-no, I just don’t know how to work the magic. Love your rambled blogposts always!

  6. Natalie

    wow! That chevron rug – I want, want, want.

  7. Nancy

    Hi! I have been so busy and haven’t read all my usual blogs but I wanted to write and thank you for stopping by my blog! =) I adore reading your blog–you feature really cute things! =) It made me smile to see you comment! XO!

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