DIY Starburst Mirror

Forgive me for all of my design drooling as of late.  It’s all packing tape and bubble wrap for the hubby and I right now, and the dream of an empty home to decorate is just too much to tune out.  On to today’s decorating DO … I have always been drawn to sunburst (a.k.a., starburst) mirrors in design.  I imagine that’s the point, these gilded mirrors serve as such a strong focal point in a room.

And now (drumroll) …

Feast your eyes on this glamorous Do It Yourself Sunburst Mirror, designed by P.S. I Made This for a feature in Rue Magazine.  (Seriously, this girl thinks of everything!)

A la P.S. I Made This:

To create your own sunburst mirror, start by gluing down wooden dowels (available at all major home improvement stores) to a cardboard circle base.  Continue to glue and rotate in a circular motion.  Hold in place till each dowel has set before moving onto the next.  After applying ample amounts of glue, add extra cardboard support wedges between dowels to hold in place.  Add another circular piece of cardboard to the top, which the mirror will be placed upon.  To create the mirror: glue ping pong balls along the outside edges with your glue gun.  Add a rope detail around the mirror for another rich detail.  Using gold spray paint (P.S.- Krylon is my favorite), spray both the dowels and mirror on a covered surface outdoors.  You will need a few coats!  Adhere the mirror to the sunburst base by using either a glue gun (depending on the weight of your mirror) or a stronger adhesive if necessary.  Use wall mounting accessories to hang your sunburst mirror.  P.S. – Have fun, Sunshine!

{images a la Pinterest & P.S. I Made This}

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  1. Lindsay

    Ohh I love this diy! Yes she does think of everything! Hope your move us going well. I know how stressful that can be..but your still managing to do posts ..way to go!!

    XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

    • I don’t know how I’m balancing it all! Haha, though I know something’s gotta give. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

      xox Lexi
      Glitter & Pearls

    • Thank you SO much … and thank you for visiting! xox

    • Thank you! I am slightly obsessed as of late. I can’t help it!

  2. Leah

    Wow, that is the most creative thing I’ve ever seen! And looks great!

    xo L.

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