DIY Pendant Lamps

I was awesome at papier-mâché.  When it came time in Geography to create our own papier-mâché globe, those 5th graders had nothing on me.  I would sit for hours, hands covered in school glue, concentrating at an intense level for a ten-year-old.  It’s been a few years, but something tells me I’ve still got  it.

These DIY Pendant Lamps are essentially papier-mâché for grownups.  The two projects today employ hemp and lace doilies as the papier-mâché craft of choice, along with a balloon and glue; but all this talk of fifth grade makes me want to glue macaroni.

I’m in the first year of marriage, the year where your husband still thinks everything you do is beyond cute (eh, usually), so I’m thinking he will LOVE a macaroni lamp.

Directions for these fun-tastic projects here and here.

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    • haha, agreed – I just use my blog as a “wishful thinking” list. Someday I’ll get to it all!

      xox Lexi
      Glitter & Pearls

  1. I’m pretty partial to the hemp lanterns – very cool!

    And I say take the macaroni even further!! I’m thinking possibly a large macaroni bird bath for the yard or a built to scale reproduction of the Venus de Milo for the living room…

  2. I love papier maché too. these lamps ae very nice

  3. I love paper mache – and definitely know what you’re talking about with the 5th grade geography project! I got so into that!! These are such pretty lamps – the lace doilies seems a little bit too daunting for me but I love the hemp idea! That seems very feasible and would be cute outside for a summer barbecue for decoration!
    Star Hughes Living

  4. I would love to make one as well. Its so beautiful and perfect to add a bit of cuteness to a room:) Happy morning, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful stationary GIVEAWAY later today! I bet you will love it!!!

  5. I bet you’ve still retained your paper-mache skills! 🙂 That lace one would be so sweet in a little girls room.

    Thank you for your comment!

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