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As summer approaches, I brainstorm about ways to carry more junk.  I am a purse hoarder (as in, my hoarding is limited to the walls of my handbag.)  All of my purses are heavy, even the tiniest of clutches (that is, when I haven’t actually turned the clutch into a make-up bag, and added it to the growing collection in my current giant bag du jour – it’s like Russian nesting dolls … in purse world).

This summer, on the heels of our winter honeymoon and jaunt through Paris (though it seems so long ago … le sigh), I am dreaming in baskets.

I am smitten with these French Market Bags by the French Basketeer.  I basically want them because they are French, and because their advertisement pictures display stacks upon stacks of the pretty baskets – it’s a hoarder’s dream.

French Basketeer shop owner, Andrea, says “Our classic baskets have been a staple in France for decades, seen everywhere from Parisian markets to the beaches of the Riviera. French Basketeer now brings this timeless chic to the United States.”

Summer trend baskets I also love:

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  1. great finds! I like the madewell striped one! Makes me want to take it to the farmers market or the beach:)

  2. Hahaha! I, too, am a severe purse hoarder. And my handbags are larger than life. Once at a grocery store, the cashier said “Miss, do you realize that your purse is larger than you are?” My Husband’s always joking that we need to buy my purse its own car. Also, I’m searching for a straw bag and your picks are amazing! Thanks doll.

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Lots of fun. If I was going to
    carry a tote if would be the Zara Basket.

  4. Gah, love French market bags!! If you’re looking for yet another *French inspired* item to store it your tote this summer, I totally recommend picking up “Lunch in Paris.” I’m almost finished reading it and it’s definitely satisfying (or feeding) my wanderlust. Bonus, the novel has actual recipes sprinkled throughout.

  5. I am a purse hoarder too! And I would love one of these baskets – I’ve always had a fantasy of using one of these just to take to the grocery store! Or to store my yoga mat… I may actually need several of these baskets… So cute!

    Star Hughes Living

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