Topshop Blushes

I’m still working on fitting blush-colored pieces into my wardrobe, and these perfectly embellished nude dresses from Topshop seem like a great start.  That Embellished Scallop Dress – I die.

{clockwise from left:  Limited Edition Drape Side Dress; Nude Sleeveless Tuck Detail Dress; Embellished Scallop Dress by Rare Opulence; Sally Nude Peep Toe Mary Janes}



  1. I am LOVING this blush color as well! Cannot wait to see what pieces you get!


    • Sadly, there is no H&M in Miami … yet.

  2. Danielle

    I am totally in love with these colors but I have such fair skin that I think I usually end up looking sort of naked in this shade. Guess I will have to wait for a summer tan (when even with my “tan” I will still look paler than most regular people, haha!). Props to anyone who can wear this color, I am envious!

  3. this nude colours are so subtly feminine..

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