The Vintage Designer Clutch

Always a fan of vintage couture, I am especially fond of the vintage designer clutches popping up on bloggers’ fashion rotations.

Thrift and vintage store hunting is a blast, but I have a soft spot for Ebay, and so I hunted like a mad woman for every brand of vintage clutch and found some real treasures.

On your vintage Ebay hunt, think outside the box:

  • Use different search terms: “clutch” works, but don’t forget to try “pouch,” “pochette” (for LV), “cosmetic case/bag” (or “makeup” or “toilette” or “toiletry”)
  • Go search crazy.  Try other designers:  Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Fendi, Burberry, Coach, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, etc.
  • Choose the “Save Search” option and Ebay will e-mail you when new items with the specifications you are searching for pop up.
  • Don’t be afraid to inquire about the item’s authenticity … and ask again.
  • Bidding is addictive.  Set a bar for yourself, and don’t go over your limit – you’ll regret it later.
  • Check out a seller’s reviews before you buy.  If the seller is at a 95% and above, go for it.  And if the seller frequently sells vintage items – bonus!

{images a la b. jones style; atlantic-pacific; and brooklyn blonde}



  1. Those are such a great clutches and I adore your tips! Thanks, sunshine and have a lovely Monday

  2. Great tips!! I would definitely love to get my hands on a vintage designer clutch. I personally prefer my designer bags to be vintage and a little worn in. I love imagining the history behind them and the glamourous places and parties they were carried to.. I mean a new one wouldn’t be too bad either though.. 😉


    • Ahh, I totally agree – I love the history of all things vintage. That’s one downside to ebay. Vintage shopping in little thrift stores and boutiques feels much cooler!

  3. great finds! I love the mix of prints in the first photo – flawless

  4. I already loved clutches, but this post makes them look even cooler. Love the ebay search tips!

  5. Great tips! Now I’m worried I’ll be addicted to ebay shopping.

    Camila F.

  6. Love this Clutch!! Fantastic!


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