The Gloved Bride

I love modern spins on old classics. My grandmother and great grandmother wore full length satin gloves to their weddings. Madonna brought back the gloved bridal ensemble with her risque performances of “Like A Virgin” in the 80s. This bride took her shot at the fashion do and made it a must in my book. Bridal accessory love.

Why not borrow a vintage set of family gloves for your wedding “something old”?

{images a la lovely bride; via Lisa Barnshaw, Ora Photography}

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  1. sam

    I love it!! I think the gloves add a personal, romantic touch

    And thank God it’s not a post of the royal wedding! haha!

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  3. adorable wedding pics. i love retro witchery old wedding accessories.

    • Me too! The lace gloves add such an unexpected twist to her look!

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