Shop It To Me + Anthropologie

Shop It To Me – facilitators of my online shopping habit – whispered a bit of insider information my way, and since I can’t hold water – SITM is now going to carry Anthropologie as a retailer!  Aka, you can now be the first to know when Anthro items in your size go on sale (via e-mail … easy peasy).  Simply add Anthropologie brands to your Shop It To Me profile and voila!

If you aren’t familiar with Shop It To Me, SITM is basically a free online personal shopper that lets you know when your favorite brands go on sale in your size.  To become a member, just pick your fave brands from the 600+ offered (Alexander Wang, DVF, Marc Jacobs, J.Crew…you name it!), select your sizes, and decide how often you’d like to be notified.  From that point on, just sit back and relax – SITM does all of the legwork, checking department stores and boutique sites, and each day they send you personalized sales.  That’s where the addiction part comes in.  You’re welcome!



  1. Ally

    Holy crap! Don’t know whether or thank you or hold you responsible when my credit card is maxed out…

    • This is definitely NOT a good thing (for my budget).

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