Saddle Bags (the good kind)

My 70s fashion exploration shows no signs of slowing, so bear with me.  I am loving saddle bags right now (but not the kind that magically appear on your hips at age 25 … the kind your grandmother warned you about:  “a second on your lips equals a lifetime on your hips.”  Oh how right Grandmas are.)

This Spring’s fashion tip:  toss your slouchy messengers and try on a structured saddle bag.

{saddle bags clockwise from left to right:  Rebecca Minkoff Laser Cheetah Hobo; Cleobella Cantina Bag; Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Cadet Bag;
Matt and Nat Sasha in Stardust Black
; Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Sophie Bag;
Rebecca Minkoff Beloved Mini in Black



  1. Kate

    Top-right, give it to me now.

  2. Alice

    i truely want one!

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