Ombré Hair

You had your first run-in with half-dyed hair a few months after you and your three best friends used your friend’s mom’s Sun In, laid in the sun for an hour, decided it wasn’t working, doused your hair once again, baked a little longer, and then showed up the morning after the slumber party decidedly believing that your mom wouldn’t notice your now orange hair.  That was thirteen, this is now.

And now ombré hair is actually a style.  A look achieved with salon assistance.  A look Rachel Bilson, Ashlee Simpson, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Hilary Duff, and runway models rock effortlessly.  A look we should try?

{images a la pinterest}

Of course, you could always just skip a few months worth of salon visits and call your overgrown roots “ombré”.  Now that’s budget chic.



  1. Daniella

    I love this look! It looks really need with the long straight bangs too.

    • I wish I had the guts to try the ombre hair … or the bangs for that matter! But I do love the combo!

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  3. amanda

    Ha I am a pioneer. I’m the girl with red glasses in the first photo.. I dyed my hair in 2009 asking my sister to make it look like “grown out biker babe hair” and then 2010 brought on the ombre frenzy so I changed it up and was copied even more. Someones gotta do it!. Follow one or all of my blogs here:

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