Lime Crime

I am currently obsessing over Lime Crime‘s Candyfuture lipsticks!  The candy colors are bright and the finish is opaque, almost matte – perfect for those chalky Spring color brights.

My personal favorites:  Coquette opaque nude lipstick (the best matte nude ever) and Countessa Flourescent opaque lipstick (the perfect Barbie pink).  I also secretly want to try Mint To Be (an opaque lime green) – but survey says, I’ll look nuts.

Swooning yet?

Also, DO check out Lime Crime‘s Blogazine:  Doe Deere Blogazine for make-up tips, fashion musts, and all things Unicorn.

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  1. Just checked out the Blogazine (brilliant word by the way!) and I love it!!! Very fresh and Stylish! Thanks for passing it along!

    These colors remind me of the lipstick I used to wear in High School!


    • I think you were way cooler than me in high school! And I love her blogazine – so sweet!

  2. mondieumondieu! des lèvres vertes.. c’est pourtant le rêve non?

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