I Mustache You A Question …

Hi dolls!  What are your weekend plans?

I plan to bake, eat, pretend to work on my fitness, dine with the fam at a new Vegas-style buffet (and set back all of my fitness momentum), hit up a farmer’s market, and attempt to write the book I’ve been “writing” for 5 years (that’s progress, people).

And now for your extra-tricky weekend DIY project:

Print above mustaches on plain white paper.  Choose your favorite mustache or match according to your Saturday night festivities.  Cut said mustache from paper.  Using lanyard or any string for that matter, glue, tape, or tie knots through ends of mustache and wear new mustache necklace like a stud.

Congrats – you’ve been moustachioed.



  1. Lydz

    love the random awesomness of this post. me for the weekend just alot of going out and hang times with my girls. Have a great one

  2. Aniek

    haha thanks for your comment!

  3. This post brightened my Saturday Morning! How Clever! I will be cleaning, thrift-store shopping, playing with my three-year-old and writing (My “five year” future Academy Award winning screenplay!).


    • A screenplay? That’s amazing! I took screenwriting in college and I was terrible at it. You go girl!

  4. Joy

    Great post! I am new follower and look forward to your posts!

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