Hermès Bracelets

{images a la Miri’s Castle}

My favorite new blogosphere game is the “I Spy” the Hermès bracelet game.  Whether it’s the enamel bangle, the leather wrap, or the cuff, I can spot a pricey couture bracelet from a mile away.  I have always been taken with the classic Hermès belt, but lately, fashionistas abound with stacks of Hermès on their wrists and I’ve fallen.  I’m on a desperate hunt for 90% off retail Hermès bracelets.  Anyone had any luck?

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  1. lissy

    Occasionally Skinner has Hermes bangles in their fine jewelry auctions. Not 90% off but definitely less expensive than buying new. You can sign up for alerts so they’ll email you when they have anything Hermes.


    • Many thanks! I’m also going to scavenge vintage shops and Ebay!

  2. Tierney

    so. cute. i love the gold hardware. hermes does it so well.

    have you been seeing all the posts lately for friendship bracelets? like, $40 for three!? of the same bracelets you made at summer camp. my four year old niece could make you that same bracelet.

    hermes > thread bracelets.

  3. Ayleen

    I had an hermes scarf my mom gave me that a client gave her, but I lost it when I had my purse stolen. 🙁
    I love Hermes…

  4. I want one I want one! haha these are gorgeous

  5. those are cool looking!good luck finding them 🙂 🙂

  6. katie

    ohh i love those! especially the leather wrap!

  7. noelani

    Is there anything as cool as Hermes on Hermes? Bold move by the top fashionista, belted, braceleted and bagged by Hermes. Now if only I had the bank account to attempt such a look!

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