Glamping (a.k.a., Glamorous Camping)

I am a music junkie.  And I dream about attending music festivals.  It’s the season of the music festival.  But I don’t camp.  I consider hotels with a portable air conditioning box (you know, the kind that sits on the window ledge) “camping.”  I cannot fathom a day without toilets; it’s just that simple.

And then Style Swoon introduced me to “glamping.”  You had me at “glam.”  I’m still working on the “ping” part.  But these pretty pretty pictures have me reconsidering.  Sort of.

{images a la Style Swoon}

I can’t lie – I’m still totally partial to indoor tents and forts.

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  1. Good post …and damn nice lookin’ blog design.
    Great work,

  2. now THIS is how you camp. Hehe, I like the one with the red damask backboard.

  3. I grew up riding horses, so my idea of camping is a living quarters horse trailer w/ air conditioning, satellite tv, shower, toilet and refrigerator. You know… the necessities.

    • There you go – that’s exactly the type of camping I’m talking about! And horseback riding, to boot! Lucky! xox

  4. bhinder

    nice work…

  5. sarah

    Love ya work, site looks fantastic

  6. The Hook

    Who can afford to camp like this? Some of those set-ups look incredibly expensive and appear to require a crew to assemble.

  7. Nice pictures. I’ve cooked in back-country, wilderness hunting camps, and we didn’t have the elaborate lighting exhibited here. What is the source of power for such lighting. Yes. Everything used in our camps was hauled in by four-legged pack trains [mules/horses].
    The doubled ceilings/roofs were done with visquene[sp?], and worked very well in rainy/snowy conditions.

  8. Tierney

    The only way I will ever go camping (and enjoy it) are with the following stipulations:

    1.) Channing Tatum must be present at all times.
    2.) I must have a real bathroom somewhere in the nearby vicinity–with real showers and real toilets.
    3.) I must have a regular bed.
    4.) I must not interact with bugs.
    5.) I must not get dirty.

    • Tier – that’s not camping, that’s staying at the Four Seasons (with Channing Tatum.)

  9. Kate

    I love all of these.

  10. deba109

    Superb theme

  11. LOVE your blog!!! Now this is the type of camping I could get on board with…

  12. Ha ha I’m the same way. These are so cool though!

  13. Excellent idea – I believe my daughter will be agreeable to camping now! I love the word glamping!!!

  14. LOVE IT, gorgeous site design BTW!

  15. David

    Congratulations on the blog. You have found a collection of such beautiful glamping sites. Glamping is a great alternative for people that enjoy nature but do not want to give up the luxury of a hotel. You should try it out!

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