Friday Link Love

This week has been chaos.  I’ve had a case of the Mondays since … well, Monday.  And it’s now Friday.  My weekend plan is to empty my brain and perfect the art of hanging a spoon on my nose while watching Gilmore Girls reruns.  Introducing … all that I love (at least for this week.)

I’m so taken with these chunky gemstone necklaces.  Snag your very own Mineral Pendant Necklace at UO for $29 (not too shabby!)

I also can’t get over how glam this shade looks on fellow blogger, Cosmi Caroline.  The extraterrestrial shade:  Lime Crime’s Airborne Unicorn Opaque Lipstick.

Baroque picture frame book shelves.  Yes.

And if you think books stink, a book page wreath tutorial.  Kidding.  Don’t you dare tear apart a book.  Okay maybe if you have three copies of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, because you and all of your siblings miraculously lost the copy you used in the 7th grade and your mom was repeatedly forced to buy a brand new copy each August.  And even then, that 3rd copy better be the “politically correct” edited version – because editing old literature is just stupid, so tear away. Too politically incorrect?

I am singing “The Right Brush (baby)” to NKOTB’s “The Right Stuff.”  I’m cool.  Lauren Conrad schools us on tools.


And in honor of my new favorite epic movie, Water For Elephants, I am buying an elephant and perfecting the art of Old Hollywood waves.  (I’m letting my husband know about our new pet elephant while wearing the spoon on my nose.  Comedic relief … works most of the time.)  Back to the waves – let’s learn with Beth of B. Jones Style!

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  1. love the hair how to!! happy friday!!!

  2. I did not know anyhting about the different kinds of hair brushes…

  3. Dani

    Um this post just made me laugh so much. Especially your literature tirade. 🙂 Cute cute cuteness.

    • Awesome! I knew someone would appreciate my literature rant! Thanks so much for visiting! xox

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