Friday Link Love

So happy it’s Friday! I may have to change “Friday Link Love” to “Friday Swoons.” Here’s a chronicling of all that I love.want.need.

I heart this blouse.

And of course, I also still very much heart this bag.

But since I don’t have $895, this sweet DIY seems like a much more attainable goal.  And this Steve Madden bag looks like a perfect guinea pig.

Green with envy over this Juicy Couture coat a la Cheetah is the New Black.

My weekend attempt at global peace – yarn-stuffed potholes.  Filling the cracks … with fashion and color.

And if my attempt at world peace falls short – for Earth Day – do-gooding while looking chic (and shopping) with Envirosax.


Am I too old to be super excited about the release of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure on DVD?  Paige from Degrassi is in it (yay Canada, aye.)

And finally – described as “thank you notes to everything,” these unaffected little handwritten notes pack a lot of punch.  Thanks to thx thx thx, I just thanked my WordPress page for auto-saving – soon I’ll be a thank-a-holic.

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  1. ayleen

    there isn’t enough yarn in the world to fill all the potholes we got going on here. but i wish there were. such lovely images!!!

    • And in Miami, the yarn would last about 5 seconds. Still – the images are too pretty!

  2. love the heart shape white blouse… so cute! Happy Friday!

  3. As always, such a great post!!! I HEART that blouse too!

  4. natalia

    looove that heart blouse, but lovin’ those polka dot pants even more!

  5. Great looks and totally agree. I love, want and need…lol…Thanks for dropping by

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