Frameless Mirrors

Meet the picture that ignited my love for frameless mirrors. The white-washed wood paneled floors, the deep basin ceramic tub, the white marble sink stand, and then there are those mirrors – I’m smitten.

These gorgeous mirrors look modern without drawing too much attention away from the remaining design elements in the room.  And the best part – generally speaking, frameless (or cut-out) mirrors, won’t break the bank.

{image 1 a la Plush Palate; via Met Home; image 2 a la Bijou Kaleidoscope and Pottery Barn}

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  1. Ayleen

    Oh Met Home. How I love thee.

  2. In love with the first bathroom. The mirrors look so amazing and the whole space gives the most incredible vibe. Also mirrors are perfect for small spaces:) Happy Monday, my dear
    Hope you had a great weekend

  3. love these beautifully shaped mirrors… so elegant and victorian looking!

    • Thank you SO much! I am checking out your blog now and love it! Thanks for visiting. xox

  4. Those mirrors are beautiful. I liked especially the first bathroom, clean and chic.
    Great post girl.
    Cheers! =(^.^)=

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