Floral Bridesmaids Dresses

With spring in full swing, I’m dreaming in bold florals (I’m still wearing black.) And lately, wedding after wedding is featuring far bolder attire choices. From barefoot brides, to linen suits, the casual look is adding a new twist to wedding style. Bridesmaid dresses – ever difficult to hone in on (because no one – no one – has the same taste), is still one of the tougher attire decisions. But in a seeming stab at achieving the “and you can wear your bridesmaid dress again and again,” eclectic brides are choosing florals as their pattern of choice. What say you – would you rock a floral bridesmaid dress? (Do you have a choice?)

{images a la something old, something new; the natural wedding co.; fhiky; and intimate weddings}



  1. Tierney

    Yay I love this! I like the idea of mismatched dresses!

  2. Coco

    This is such a cute idea! I would absolutely love to do this for my wedding. Floral is so feminine and timeless (always important for wedding photos!)

  3. Taylor

    wow, i love this. what a great idea, especially for a spring wedding… or any season wedding, really! we wore a floral printed j crew dress at my mom’s wedding in the fall, and i can still wear the dress now

  4. Denise

    ah 🙂 so pretty, especially the first.

  5. madel

    This is so great. actually did this idea for my bestfriend’s wedding this coming June.

  6. Katelyn

    love the dresses! Where did you get the green floral ones?? I’ve been looking everywhere!

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