1. These colors are fantastic for summer!! Love it! I need that blue for my tootsies!!!!

    • I love wearing blue on my toes … probably because I’m not daring enough to wear bright blue on my hands!

  2. oh this coral color would go perfectly with the coral lips!

    • I wonder if I would look nuts in all that coral…

  3. ooo these colors are fabulous!!! I want to try the blue one!

  4. hi-d

    Love the colors. I especially like the glitter one. And this really makes me want to get a pedicure NOW!

    I’ve seen you comment on some of express-o’s blog posts. It’s fun to check out other blogs. Congrat’s on being newly wed! 🙂

    Hope you have a good evening!
    Heidi http://hi-dho.blogspot.com

    • Thank you SO much!

      And I love that you’ve seen me on express-o’s blog. I always try to check out other commenter’s blogs!


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