Chevron Chevron Chevron

Say that three times fast. Okay don’t – it’s way easier to type three times fast. I’m rambling. Focus … on the chevron floors that Style Swoon has brought to my attention.

I love chevron everything! I probably post about chevron at least once a week. Holler if I’m boring you to tears yet. But chevron floors – wowza. I like the inexpensive DIY chevron versions best because I am fairly certain that if I asked my husband to re-tile he would hide my shoes for ransom. Stripey floors – you dig? How about stripey floors and stripey walls – too much?

And a DIY chevron rug from the  little green notebook so as to avoid tearing apart your floors …

And an all-around-awesome tiled floor …

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  1. the wall behind the animal head is great! so subtle but adds so much interest to the room

  2. natalia

    i’m thinking i’m gonna have to try that diy rug. looks awesome!

  3. Beautiful floors and post! Thank you for visiting my blog…
    Sunshine & smiles to you! =(^.^)=

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