Beach Hair Sans Beach

A la I Love Wildfox:  A little how-to on beach hair ends that Nina Lucas (of Lucas Salon in Echo Park) gave to Kimberley of Wildfox Couture.  If you wind each strand of hair around the bobby pin tightly and flatten it in your hair iron, you get major crimped hair.  It’s as simple as that!



  1. Rowan

    Gotta try it…

  2. hi-d

    I am so gonna try this! Thanks for the tip.
    Happy Easter!

    • Thank you SO much! So glad you found me. xox

  3. Brilliant idea! Got to try this out asap! I’m a terrible klutz with a curling iron and most always end up with at least a few burns. The flat iron and I have a much better relationship. 😉

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