Zippered Pouches & Clutches

On first glance these clutches look like over-sized pencil cases or bank deposit wallets – but ah, isn’t that their charm?  I’m sort of loving the grown up schoolgirl look (especially when it doesn’t involve knee high socks).

There are three versions of the simple zippered bag, priced from high to low:  Céline ($$$), Comme des Garçons ($$), or American Apparel ($).  Because I love a good bargain, and also because I don’t have a strong history with clutches, I’m leaning towards the Medium Leather Carry-all Pouch from American Apparel, $45 … in yellow (camel may be practical, but yellow is awesome).

{images a la Honestly WTF; via, StreetFSN & FashionSquad}



  1. Katie

    I need one of those clutches!

  2. Emily

    Uggggg I’ve been dreaming of the Celine one, but American Apparel might just do…if I can find yellow (I’ve heard it’s sold out) then it’s MINE!
    xoxo Emily

  3. Emily

    I have been cravvvvinggg the Celine one, but American Apparel might just have to do..if I can find the yellow one (it’s sold out online) then it’s MINE!!!!
    xoxo Emily

  4. Cassie

    Hey girl! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love everything and anything by Celine!! Also your picture (framed with your hubby!) is the cutest thing ever. I am your newest follower! Follow back if you’d like 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I added you to my google reader!! And thank you for the compliment on the wedding photo. It’s one of my favorites!

  5. joAnn

    omg, can i spell? shic = chic

    • No worries – that word is confusing to begin with!

  6. loving these! I totally want one. Sad that Am Ap is sold out of the yellow. What I really want is a cobalt blue one… that Celine is amazing!

    xx grace

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