Purple Lipstick

{image a la Citizen Couture; found via The Glitter Guide}

How glam does model, Frida Gustavsson, look in this purple hued lipstick? (And paired with the camel-colored leather jacket = perfection.)  Of course I googled purple lipstick and found a whole slew of purple shades from plum to violet and every color in between.  But I’m thinking if you’re going to go purple, a trip to the beauty counter is much advised.

A few great shades of purple:  Lime Crime Makeup Lipstick in D’Lilac // Beauty Is Life Lipstick in Deep Purple 31 c // Lime Crime Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn // COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lipstick in Entwined // Laura Mercier Lip Colour in Shimmer Plum Wine

Purple lipstick:  Love it or Hate it?



  1. Kristin

    She looks gorgeous! I love the color, but I agree with you — a visit to the beauty counter is advised. I imagine it would be tough to pull off purple lipstick without looking like a middle schooler. The browns she’s wearing are so perfect for the look!


    I think she looks amazing! As for me, I wouldn’t wear it unless I felt it was appropriate for the occassion (a party, for instance). Definitely not work appropriate or something I’d wear every day. I do have a lipstick that’s a purplish-red hue, but it’s certainly not as bright as this one. I’d love to see you try this color of lipstick on and post photos for us!

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    • haha I think I would wind up looking like RuPaul!

  3. Oh, I used to love wearing purple lipstick. Most of mine ran closer to plum than strait purple though. Those days are past though. It the sort of thing that looks really cute on young girls, now the most exciting I get is dark pink.

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