Pretty Packaging

My current gift-wrapping obsession – picture perfect DIY (do it yourself) packaging.  Always a fan of craft paper, colorful hand-cut details really spice up an already crafty looking gift. With a glue stick, fabric, even yarn – a package looks too perfect to tear open (not that that has ever ever stopped me.)

Fun trick – skip the pricier craft paper and wrap with brown paper grocery bags and newspaper.

{images top to bottom:  Rainbow Yarn Wrapping from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts; Dipping Confetti Packaging from Tokketok; all images via Oh Happy Day}



  1. I adore the yarn! I often use the “hairy” type of knitting yarn to warp presents …and just like above, it always looks best on brown paper. Too cute!

  2. OH I love the confetti dipped ends! What a brilliant idea

  3. laura

    loves these ideas! the wrapping is too cute! I just came across your blog & im in love :)

  4. wow, these are amazing! love your blog!! :)

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