Party Straws

{image a la Hooray Design; via emma+ella}

I live for straws.  I actually spend real money on straws.  (Note to reader:  I consider items over one (1) dollar to be real money.)  My hubby buys me gifts such as a pop-up straw dispenser – featured at a 50s-themed diner near you.  I cannot physically drink from a glass without a straw.  I dribble on myself and spoil pretty clothes.  I am the tacky girl who drinks from the red stirrers past midnight.  I have considered smuggling said red stirrers by the handful for future bar/club use.  The point is (I always get there!), these straws speak to me.  They say, “buy me” … “justify my love”.

When I was little, someone smart (though likely not the dentist because this adage probably holds no water – haha, best pun yet) told me that if you drink through a straw you avoid staining your teeth.  In one fell swoop both my straw and diet coke addiction were substantiated.  Straws produce healthy teeth and gums (picture Orbitz girl smiling into camera – cue ding sound).

Likelihood of health insurance covering decorative straws?



  1. Ali Mills

    Stopping by from FTLOB! Totally love how stylish your blog is! And your style of writing is awesome! I’m a newlywed too so I’m excited to see what else you write down 😉 😉 Loves!

  2. Jen HaHA

    Found you from your feature on FtLoB. I wasn’t sure where to comment about “arm candy” so I did it there.

    I am a straw girl, too, for the same reasons! I also think the look of lipstick on a small straw doesn’t look as disgusting as on a glass. I’ve heard that straws add lines to our lips from the pucker. Stained teeth vs lines on lips. Lip balm to the rescue!

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  3. Ohhh I love these straws! I have them in a bunch of colors and they make any drink SO much better : )

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